Warsaw University of Life Science

Warsaw University of Life ScienceWarsaw University of Life Science - SGGW (WULS–SGGW) was founded in 1816 as an agricultural school, but its research and educational activities rapidly expanded, and now it is one of the Poland top universities and the nation largest centre for environmental studies and research. Out of 27 bachelor and 21 master programmes taught at the university, 6 BSc and 4 MSc programmes have to do with environment; most of the faculty involved into environmental teaching and research are concentrated at the Interfaculty Department of Environmental Protection. Teaching at SGGW is completely built on Bologna principle; the university’s experience of successful reform and integration into the European educational and research area will be particularly useful for partner countries universities. WULS-SGGW contributed to EU research and education projects (TEMPUS projects for Central Asia -CIBELES, SWAN, CANDI).