Bukhara State University

Bukhara State University (BSU) is one of the largest scientific and academic centers of Uzbekistan. It has about 7500 students in 7 faculties. BSU offers academic programmes at all levels: from vocational training to post-doctoral studies, including bachelor, master, graduate and post-graduate courses. Long-term scientific and educational international cooperation is based upon direct agreements with many universities and research institutes of the world. BSU is selected by the Ministry of Higher Education as one of the basis universities for the development of international relations and appointed as a member of Council for the Development of International Relations of Uzbek HEIs. Within this membership, BSU is developing recommendations in this sphere for other universities of the republic. So far BSU has participated in 10 Tempus and 8 Erasmus Mundus projects. At the moment BSU is participating in 3 Tempus and 2 Erasmus Mundus projects.